Teaching English at St Philippe Neri


Teaching English at St Philippe Néri, a school that welcomes diversity, has been a
wonderful opportunity for me, as a teacher, to enrich my own abilities as a second
language teacher in France.

The working conditions are very nice; the class size is small which gives us the freedom
to work in it as a group, and on a one to one basis.

The class is heterogeneous in language abilities. This is a chance for children to help
each other and to respect each other’s level of language. This shared community helps to
develop their second language, and it is important for the cohesion of the English class.
My work is easier when children are willing and wanting to participate: here they like to
sing, read and they are free to ask questions.

The class has a secretary, who is in charge of writing their homework: this is a
wonderful resource, as children are reminded what is expected for the next session.
The school members have been willing to help me from the beginning, and students
observed that the other teachers, like myself, are all here for the same purpose: their
wellbeing and their learning experience.

La professeur d’anglais, Hilda Le Denmat




Mademoiselle Smith dispense les cours d’Anglais en classe de CP et de CE, classe dont elle est institutrice. 



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